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Chalk dust-free climbing with StaticAir

chalk dust mist bouldering solution PMX StaticAir

How to improve your climbers experience

As a climbing gym owner you're well aware of the importance of creating an exceptional experience for your customers. From challenging routes to friendly staff, every detail matters. But have you considered the impact of indoor air quality on your climbers' comfort and safety? 

Static Air Presents a game-changing solution that not only eliminates airborne (ultra) fine chalk dust but also takes your climbing gym to new heights and lets you create the ideal environment for climbers!

Introducing PMX and PMX’S!

Say goodbye to airborne (ultra) fine chalk dust and health concerns in your bouldering areas. Static Air’s revolutionary solution is based on ionization technology that works silently yet effectively, reducing particulate matter and creating a safe and comfortable environment for climbers and staff. Join over 70 climbing gyms worldwide that have already improved their indoor air quality with the PMX and PMX’S. Don't wait – take action now for a healthier, more inviting gym atmosphere.



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