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Chalk dust-free climbing with StaticAir

The StaticAir Advantage: Clean Air for Thriving Climbing Communities

  Clean air isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity for attracting health-conscious climbers and fostering a vibrant gym community.

StaticAir goes beyond ordinary air filtration. Its ionization technology not only reduces (ultra) fine chalk dust but also addresses a wide range of harmful particulate matter.

Say goodbye to mechanical filters and noisy systems – our systems operate silently and efficiently, saving energy and ensuring a safer environment. With just 18 watts of power consumption, the PMX and PMX’S are a smart, eco-friendly choice for your climbing gym.

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How to improve your climbers experience

As a climbing gym owner you're well aware of the importance of creating an exceptional experience for your customers. From challenging routes to friendly staff, every detail matters. But have you considered the impact of indoor air quality on your climbers' comfort and safety? 

Static Air Presents a game-changing solution that not only eliminates airborne (ultra) fine chalk dust but also takes your climbing gym to new heights and lets you create the ideal environment for climbers!