How to create a

Zero Emission zone 

in your City?

In the race towards Net Zero Emissions to reach Climate Goals, cities need a pro-active approach.

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Clean Air Guidelines

Track worldwide air quality standards

As worldwide Air Quality standards vary, there is good reason to explore extra measures against Air Pollution. At COP26 in Glasgow, leaders discuss how to tackle Climate Change, however the need to improve Air Quality is key. The latest science shows the old 2005 guideline levels are anything but safe, especially for PM2,5 and NO2.

Discover how how StaticAir’s PAMARES could be an effective asset in your city’s Climate Tool-Box.


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Emission reduction Urban Area

PAMARES as your 
Urban Planning tool

Lower health risks and economic impact of bad Air Quality at city hotspots. Learn more about projects we did all over the world. Integrate Smart City Technology and make a difference.

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Improve local Air Quality
in the outdoor environment

Application Examples:

  • Street integration
  • Sport and Play areas
  • Commercial area's
  • Residential Communities
  • Entertainment and Theme parks etc.

Reduce Fine Dust pollution

PAMARES reduces:

  • PM10 Particles with a diameter smaller than 10 micrometer
  • PM2,5 Particles with a diameter smaller than 2,5 micrometer
  • PM0,1 Particles with a diameter smaller tahn 0,1 micrometer (ultra fine dust)

Smart City Air Quality Index

Ask about IoT options and digital integration of our system. PAMARES gives you a lot more than Air Quality improvement. Make sure your Net Zero Emission goals improve and get noticed!

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