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PAMARES: A Solution for Smart City Air Pollution.

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PAMARES installed in Nijmegen Netherlands.
PAMARES installed in Incheon Korea.
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PAMARES installed in Bucheon Korea.
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PAMARES installed in Bucheon Korea.
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PAMARES installed in  Athens Greece.
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PAMARES installed in Athens Greece.

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Introducing PAMARES! a groundbreaking CleanTech innovation, proudly crafted in The Netherlands. Designed to combat outdoor particulate matter pollution, PAMARES by Staticair is a strategic tool for Smart Cities committed to enhancing air quality in alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement 2030. Quick installation, discreetly cuffed around lamp posts, it's your city's commitment to becoming a Sustainable Green City.

A Groundbreaking CleanTech Solution from the Netherlands.

Designed to significantly improve outdoor air quality, PAMARES reduces outdoor particulate matter pollution by at least 40%. It aligns with the Paris Climate Agreement for 2030 and helps your city achieve Net Zero Emission targets for a healthier environment. PAMARES can be discreetly installed around lamp posts and symbolize your city's commitment to sustainability by swiftly removing harmful fine particulate matter upon activation, offering extensive health benefits to citizens living around pollution hotspots.

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A Smart Solution for Urban Air Pollution.

PAMARES is an exclusive plug-and-play SMART system, meticulously tailor-made for the precise implementation in urban environments to safeguard vital urban air quality. Quick to set up, it significantly benefits individuals affected by the health consequences of air pollution while contributing to your city's zero-emission objectives.